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Build Passive Income Within Logistics

Our Trucking Investment Services

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Truck Driver Recruiting

We help find your driver so that your truck is equipped with nothing but the best Class A CDL Truck Driver and your equipment continues to make passive income while you continue to invest into trucking

Trucks Parked In Line

Trucking Passive Income  

Our Job is to keep your truck booked and loaded with high value freight that gives you the best return on your trucking investment.

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Complete Trucking Management

We manage the entire operations of your trucking investment to ensure that your truck is moving freight daily with complete transparent back office solutions.

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Your Trucking Investment Opportunity For Passive Income Within Logistics

For more than 20 plus Years LFS Consulting as been helping investors earn a residual income with commercial truck investment opportunity's.

Buying and owning a tractor trailer to move freight with is an amazing commercial trucking investment opportunity and an exciting passive income investment strategy, that can be both satisfying and lucrative. Unlike stock and bond investors, prospective truck owners can use and leverage the high demands in freight today that having a few trucks as a trucking investment strategy can be more rewarding than investing in other large transactions like real-estate. Truck owners are able to create consistent monthly residuals and leverage off the market of moving freight loads in high demand.


Trucking Investment can create a passive income that will allow the trucks to pay for themselves giving you the ability as a truck investor to increase your equipment and position yourself for returns that have been seen to be more than 100%.

LFS Consulting can offer you several options of placing a truck with us  and we will help manage the equipment with our 25 years of trucking company development experience. This will allow you to create passive income by being part of our prestigious  commercial truck investment group opportunity. We have the experts and capabilities of getting investors trucks to work within 30 days on dedicated high value refrigerated freight lanes. These freight lanes create higher passive monthly income for the right trucking investors who work within LFS Truck Investor Group.

We are able to manage your commercial trucking investment on a daily basis by providing the following services.

  • Driver Placement And Hiring

  • FMCSA Regulations Services

  • Complete Dispatch Service

  • Maintenance Program Provided

  • Weekly Settlements Reporting

  • Guaranteed Freight Income

  • Shipper Dedicated Contracts

  • Transparency Freight Records

If you are interested in a Trucking Investment opportunity , Please contact us Today !

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Tap into a Billion dollar trucking Investment income Opportunity

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